Sam Cooper

Voodoo, #5


Biography info 

  • Date of birth: 08/05/1987
  • Place of birth: Big Stone Gap, Virginia, USA
  • Height: 6’0”
  • Weight: 185lbs
  • School: Virginia High School (no ultimate team)
  • University: Clemson University

My first experience with Frisbee was definitely not the same as my first with Ultimate. I started tossing a Frisbee around after class in high school with a couple of friends in 2004. We had teams that varied between 5 and 14 people and played on a terribly kept slanted field. Needless to say, it wasn’t very competitive and we didn’t exactly learn the ins and outs of the game proper. It was more of an after school hang out than a sport at that point.

Caitlin Cordell

Riot #23

Biography info:

  • Date of birth: Sep. 2nd 1983
  • Place of birth: Seattle
  • Height: 5’3”
  • Weight: 125lb
  • Oberlin College

I started playing when I was in 6th grade, so about 18 years ago. I had been playing select soccer in Seattle, but didn’t like the elite soccer community. My teacher encouraged me to play with his adult Ultimate team when I was in 7th grade and there I learned a lot about spirit of the game. SOG really grabbed my attention as a young athlete. I liked the ability to respect your opponent and play well.  I also liked that I got to play with boys and be seen as a strong athlete. 

Brett Matzuka

Ring of Fire #45


Russian Kate (??

If you took part in Ironside Camp in Kiev and Sockeye Camp in Moscow in 2012, you should remember brisk funny shaggy-haired guy with the broken hand – Brett Matzuka. He is the only one from last year squad who decided to returned to Russia. We met about two years ago and became good friends since that time. In spite of many people think that Brett was the main power who knocked out Sockeye from the medal run in USA Ultimate Championship, I will be very happy to meet him in Russia again. (note: Ring of Fire beat Sockeye in quarterfinal 15:10, mostly thanks to Brett’s accurate hucks in strong wind) 

Oh! By the way! Brett also made Team USA for World Games 2013. Brett and 5 other All Stars Camp coaches were chosen from over 500 players and will represent USA in Cali, Colombia in August 2013.   

About Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire is North Carolina’s premier open club ultimate team.  Founded in 1989, Ring is one of the oldest club ultimate teams in the world and has a long-standing tradition of success on the national scene, qualifying for the Club Championships every year except 1 over the last 21, including the last 16 years consecutively.

Though only making it to the finals once, Ring competed in semifinals four times and quarterfinals ten. The team also has won regionals 9 out of the past 14 seasons to be named the Mid-Atlantic Regional Champion each time.

On an international level, the team has qualified for the World Championships three times.

Ring of Fire coaches at All Stars Ultimate Camps

  • Brett Matzuka

Beau Kittredge

Revolver #50


Russian Kate (??)

Actually I’ve never talked to Beau in real life. Several times I tried to invite him to All Stars Camp, but got refusal. I’m  still not sure  what’s  happened and why he did change his mind, but it’s a fact. When I was already sure that my poll of coaches is absolutely complete and I would be resistant to any persuasion I got an email from Beau with the subject “hallo”. Further emails had laconic subjects as well, e.g. “sorry”, “flight”, etc. 

Then I’ve got his … umph… “interview” as laconic as his emails. 

In order for you to understand my confusion I have to tell you how I prepare articles about coaches. I send the same list of questions to everyone. After I get their first response I may ask additional questions to show more interesting details. 

For example, this is an article about Chris Gibson – I asked a few questions about practices and tactics. There is an article about Mac Taylor – I didn’t ask a single additional question (you don’t have to read it right now, just look how big and complete is it). This is what Beau wrote about his friend Ashlih Joye as an introduction to the article

So now, I think, it’s time for article about Beau.