In the middle of December we have three confirmed their participation on 100%, so we open registration for the first 75 players. For your information, we had 210 participants at the Sockeye Camp in 2012, so we recommend you to register and pay as soon as possible to book your spot at All Stars Ultimate Camps in 2013. After the registration you automaticaly move to the Waiting List, but as soon as you pay your fee and write an email to kate (at) rusultimate (dot) org and text to +7 (926) 129-3O-37 - you will be moved to the Main List and become real long-awaited participant. 

If you have registered but then changed your mind and not going to participate, please, inform us - email to kate (at) rusultimate (dot) org, we’ll delete your registration or move it to waiting list. 

We do not guarantee you spot in the Main List until you pay the fee send us the Agreement Latter. After that you can be sure that you have your spot and nobody can take it. 

For international participants

You are welcome to register, pay and come whenever you want until the first day of the camp.

VisaWe'll help you with Russian visa. We'll make a tourist invitation and you should apply for tourist visa in nearest Embassy or Consular department of Russian Federation in your country. Other option - you can go to any travel agency in your city who works with Russian tours and they will do it for you, this option may be a little bit more expensive, but easier for you and for us. 

Accommodation: We are ready to help you. We provide accommodation at players apartments for free and we strongly recommend to chose this option, because all other options are much more expensive. But if you want we'll help you to find a good hotel, hostel, apartment for rent. Though during the three days of training camp you should stay at the fields, because it's out of Moscow and will take too much time to get there. More information about accommodation and meals will be available in the begining of March. According to last year prices it could be from 9 euros to 20 euros per player per night in rooms for 2-7 guests. Meal is about 20 euros per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). 

Fees: You can pay the fee by PayPal, for more details write an email to kate (at) rusultimate (dot) org 

Flights: There are three airports around Moscow and it doesn't matter where to fly: Sheremetievo (SVO), Domodedovo (DME), Vnukovo (VKO). There is an Aeroexpress train system to go to/from all three airports