Chris Gibson, Doublewide #30

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Ultimate is played by absolutely different people. You remember some of them for super game on the field, some for spending great time with them off the field, some, very few, for both. I would say that for me Chris is of secon type.

His older brother, Kurt:

Chris is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  His personality is contagious and you won't go a minute in a conversation with him without laughing.  He is genuine, honest, loyal, and dedicated.  His unwavering positive outlook on life is contagious with those who are around him.  Chris exemplifies the kind of person you want as a teammate, the kind of person you want as a friend, and the kind of person you want as a brother. 

Chris has a strong passion for Ultimate and as his teammate on the field for so many years I can safely say that there has never been a dull moment when Chris was around.  The campers are lucky to have Chris at this camp.  He will surely make this a memorable experience for many of the campers with his on-field shenanigans and his off-field blooper. Chris will easily be everyone's favorite coach by the end of the trip.

Chris Gibson, Doublewide #30