Please attend! This year iMFDF will be held separately from the Camp! Festival registration and fee payments will be organized under general procedure.

For international participants

You are welcome to register, pay and come whenever you want until the first day of the camp.


Moscow Camp

Period of payment



Training course (3 days * 6 hours)



Training course + Five Ultimate T-shirt*


Doesn't work after February, 15th

Training course + Five Ultimate shorts**


Doesn't work after February, 15th

Training course + Five Ultimate shorts + T-shirt


Doesn't work after February, 15th

Fee includes just a trainig course and water on the fields. Fee does not include accommodation and meals during the three days of camp. Camp will take part out of Moscow, so we recommend you to stay at the hostel (dorms) at the fields. More information about accommodation and meals will be available in the begining of March. According to last year prices it could be from 9 euros to 20 euros per player per night in rooms for 2-7 guests. Meal is about 20 euros per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). 

*All Stars Ultimate Camps jersey by Five Ultimate 

**All Stars Ultimate Camps shorts by Five Ultimate  (colour - Navy)

Ultimate Camps jerseys and shorts won’t be sold during the Camp.

Probably coaches will bring their clubs’ jerseys and shorts. Price and availability will be announced two weeks before the Camps.

Probably Five Ultimate  guys will bring some pure jerseys and shorts for sale. Price, sizes, colours and quantity will be available just before Moscow Camp.

Probably Five Ultimate  will provide a special offer for Camps’ participants and their teams. Keep in touch with news on the site, in groups in Facebook and Vkontakte and follow us in Twitter.



in Moscow

Kate Barabanova, 
Luzhnetskaya naberezhnaya, metro station Vorobyovy Gory
+7 (926) 129 30 37

in St. Petersburg

Yuri Rovda
+7 (904) 337 91 34


Please email kate (at) rusultimate (dot) org for bank details.

Please note that transfer fee can be charged! Once you’ve transfered money please send sms with date, time, amount of the payment and payer's name to +7 (926) 129 3O 37.