about Camps

Ultimate Camps are 2-10 days Ultimate frisbee skill clinics, which are led by top world players and coaches.

The main information: 

Skill clinics will take place in three Russian cities - Moscow, Krasnodar (Black Sea region) and Omsk (Siberia region) in May 2013

Moscow: May 3-5, 2013, Bronnitsy, Moscow region, Olympic sport school

Omsk and Krasnodar: May 9-10, 2013


  • Martin Cochran, Revolver, #28, captain, Team USA 2012, US Champion 2010-2011, World Champion 2010, 2012
  • Mike ‘Tank’ Natenberg, Doublewide, #18, captain, Team USA 2013, US Champion 2012
  • Rohre Titcomb, Riot, #4, captain, Team USA 2010, 2013, Beach World Champion 2011
  • Mac Taylor, Revolver, #40, Team USA 2012-2013, US Champion 2010-2011, World Champion 2010, 2012
  • Ashlin Joye, Revolver, #27, captain, Team USA 2012-2013, US Champion 2010-2011, World Champion 2010, 2012
  • Beau Kittredge, Revolver, #50, captain, Team USA 2012-2013, US Champion 2010-2011, World Champion 2010, 2012
  • Kurt Gibson, Doublewide, #7, captain, Team USA 2012, US Champion 2012
  • Chris Gibson, Doublewide, #30, US Champion 2012
  • Brett Matzuka, Ring of Fire, #45, Team USA 2010, 2013, Beach World Champion 2011
  • Caitlin Cordell, Riot, #23
  • Kate Kingery, Riot, #5, captain, Team USA, 2012, World Champion 2012
  • Sam Cooper, Voodoo, #5, RISE UP



The first Camp was held in Moscow in May 2011 and it was Sockeye Training Camp. So the invited coaches were 9 players of one of the best ultimate clubs in the world - Seattle Sockeye. 160 players from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain and Estonia took part into the Camp.

We had 3 training days during May holidays. On weekdays two Sockeye's captains and coaches lectured on organization of the team, season, trainings, work with rookies and experienced players and answered the audience questions. 

The next weekend we had International Moscow Flying Disc Festival. All the participants were divided into two divisions, the First division was for high-level players and the Second division for those who only began to play Ultimate. Our coaches were also our captains at that tournament and they showed to players how to use the things they’ve learned during the 3-day clinic.

As well guys from Ekaterinburg have run local Sockeye Camp Ural with 2 coaches and 25 players from Perm and Ekaterinburg.

Skydisc and Russian producer of frisbee discs - Aerocker LLC gave us a great support with Camp organization.

This first Sockeye Camp had a great success and it was discussed not only in Russia and Europe. So after some negotiations we’ve decided to organize one more camp - Russia-Italy-Germany Camp. 

The second Sockeye Camp (Baumanka Edition) was held in April-May 2012 with the support of Bauman MSTU and Aerocker LLC

Training sessions began in Italy where coaches have run 3-day clinic and played hat tournament (at which coaches were also teams’ captains). The next camp was held in Berlin and it was much the same but tournament.  

Then coaches left Berlin for Moscow. Their five teammates also have flown to Moscow straight from Seattle.

So, the second Camp was about 14 coaches and 250 players. 10 coaches were Seattle Sockeye players, also as coaches we have their friends and colleagues from Rhino (Portland), Ring of Fire (North Carolina), Chain Lightning (Atlanta) and Ironside (Boston). 

Camp was pretty the same - 3 days of exhausting practices + a special course for captains and coaches + 3-day hat tournament iMFDF with coaches as teams’ captains.

Russian players' poll and some honest conversations with players and coaches of the top US Ultimate clubs showed that we could definitely run the third All Stars Ultimate Camp. It is called in such a way as players from different Ultimate clubs will be our coaches. They are Revolver, Doublewide, Ring of Fire and besides captains and coaches of one of the best women Ultimate teams in the world - Seattle Riot - will bring special program for girls.